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Work Experience & Internships

We encourage students to gain career-related work experience / internships during the summer months. The programme encourages Junior Sophisters (penultimate year) to avail of the opportunity to develop skills, which will be valuable when they enter the world of work. These vacancies are accessible by TCD students only.

Advertise your vacancy with us. The benefits of Work Experience / Internships to you and examples of some employer experiences are detailed below.

Advertise a Vacancy

Submit your vacancy details here. Jobs are advertised free on our website, in the biannual edition of 'Options Junior Sophister', the newsletter for penultimate students and on the Careers Service noticeboard.

Advertising space is available in the 'Options Junior Sophister' Newsletter.

Generally students apply directly to the company and interviews take place on campus or at the company's premises.

The benefits for employers are:

  • Students offer a source of skilled labour and an insight into new practices being taught at university level.
  • Students provide a flexible and cost-effective solution to recruitment needs and help ease staff workload at busy times.
  • They bring new ideas and new perspectives into the workplace.
  • Employers can recruit an additional resource to undertake projects.
  • Employers can identify potential new recruits and create a feeder pool for future graduate recruitment.
  • It provides people management development opportunities for staff.

The programme has been running successfully for the past nine years and is rated highly by employers who have recruited students for summer vacancies.

Quotes from Employers

The following is a selection of comments from a variety of employers:

Clockworks International - "We find the standard of candidates to be very high, the students that we have taken have worked out very well. We would be delighted to consider any applications in the future."

EY - "An excellent service is provided to employers. It gives us the opportunity to fill our summer intern positions with students interested in working in a particular area."

Guinness Ireland Group - "The students had a mature attitude to work and integrated well into departmental teams. They contributed significantly to the work of the sections during the busy summer months."

Pure Telecom - "Of all the universities, the greatest response came from TCD."

Simmons and Simmons - "We have always been very pleased with our dealings with Trinity College and look forward to receiving more applications from your students in the future."

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