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Statement of Service for Employers

The Careers Advisory Service Mission Statement and Statement of Service are detailed below.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Careers Advisory Service is to facilitate students and recent graduates in managing their educational, training and occupational choices and to help them to reach their full potential and contribute to a better society.

Statement of Service

What we offer

In order to achieve this purpose and to support the College in developing the employability of its students, employers can expect the following services to be provided:

  • Opportunities to publicise their organisations and their vacancies to students and recent graduates of the College through the Options newsletter, the Guide, direct e-mail, the careers service web-pages and through recruiter-in residence, exhibition space and fairs.
  • Access to relevant Schools, courses and students for targeted advertising, projects, placement and recruitment purposes.
  • Online access by students from the Careers Service to the websites of employers and professional bodies.
  • Publication of vacancies, work experience and internship opportunities.
  • Where possible, facilities for conducting selection interviewing and testing are available in the Service.
  • A careers information room with employers' brochures, and other employer related materials e.g. directories, casebooks, guides etc.
  • Facilities for making formal presentations on campus, assistance in planning events in local hotels and publicity for such events.
  • Attendance by careers consultants at graduate recruitment presentations and other employer events.
  • Advice in relation to timing of recruitment, graduate output, salaries and qualifications.
  • Participation in profile-raising programmes of activities for students, including employer fairs and skills training as appropriate.
  • Attendance by Careers Service staff at briefing days organised for careers consultants.
  • Preparation of students using the Service for employment by provision of career management skills activities, impartial guidance and training in job-search techniques.

Further details can be found in the leaflet 'Services for Employers'.

How to contact us


Telephone: (01) 8961721 / (01) 8961705

Location: 2nd Floor, 7-9 South Leinster St, Trinity College, Dublin 2

What you can expect from us

Employers are regarded by the Careers Service as a key client group and productive relationships are highly valued. You are most welcome to use the services outlined above but you are asked to bear in mind that students and recent graduates are responsible for their own job-seeking behaviour and priorities and will therefore make use of the information provided as they see fit. Careers Service staff will not become involved in the selection processes.

You are entitled to expect that the Service will be staffed by competent and appropriately qualified staff who will help you in a friendly, courteous and professional manner and that the activities of the Service will:

  • Contribute to the successful fulfilment of your recruitment and placement objectives.
  • Assist with increasing awareness amongst students and recent graduates of your recruitment and business needs.
  • Ensure that candidates will have had the opportunity to use the Careers Service to work through their career choice process and prepare themselves for job seeking.
  • Provide access to staff to discuss your placement, recruitment, presentation, fair and/or other related requirements.
  • Observe the code of practice in relation to graduate recruitment jointly agreed by AHECS, IPD, IBEC and USI.

What we can expect from you

The Service is entitled to expect that you will:

  • Brief consultants on changes, which occur within your business and in your recruitment practices.
  • Advise the department of your recruitment needs in a timely fashion.
  • Keep us informed of any contacts with student societies or Schools.
  • Communicate any changes to your planned recruitment activities.
  • Keep staff informed about the outcome of your recruitment campaign.

How we can act on your behalf

We can act on your behalf by:

  • Informing students about your recruitment plans, publicising events, closing dates and venues and by distributing your recruitment literature.
  • Facilitating communication with academic staff and student societies.

How you can help us improve the service

We canvass your opinions through regular surveys. We use this information as part of our annual planning process to improve the services that we provide and to ensure that we conform to institutional and AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) quality standards.

If at any stage you are not happy with the quality of our services please contact the Director, Sean Gannon ( or telephone 8962556). There is also a formal complaints procedure in place.

Codes of practice and standards

As a member of AGCAS the Careers Service is committed to promoting equality of access and treatment in education, employment, training and guidance regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, civil status, family status, social class, age or sexual orientation. Staff in the Service also work to the following codes and standards - the College's policies ( and the code of practice in relation to graduate recruitment jointly agreed by AHECS, IPD, IBEC and USI. . Copies of these codes and policy documents are available on request.

Limitations of our service

  • Due to space limitations it may not always be possible to store large quantities of employer literature.
  • It is not possible to provide catering services for employer events held on campus.
  • Due to space limitations it may not always be possible to facilitate employer fairs or interviews on campus.


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