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A student I met is unhappy with his choice of course. He wants to drop out of the course and transfer to another course but does not have a clear idea of what he would like to do.


The student can make an appointment to see a Careers Adviser who will discuss the options available and if necessary suggest that he work through one of the guidance tools that are available online, in the Careers Information Centre or on the public network.

I have a student who is interested in doing a taught masters in the UK. What information can you provide?


The student may consult a range of postgraduate directories in the Careers Information Centre or look at the resources where there is a list of useful hardcopy and electronic sources of postgraduate opportunities.

I have been asked to attend the Open Day on behalf of my School. Can you help me to prepare?


The annual survey of graduates, First Destinations Returns (FDR), provides information on the graduates' jobs, employers and postgraduate study. This is useful when asked about the career prospects for someone studying your subject. View What TCD Graduates Do.

Further information on Labour Market Trends is available.


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Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for all your patience, guidance, advice, honesty and kindness you recently showed to me in helping me to successfully secure a teaching position. You will be delighted and somewhat relieved I'm sure to hear, that last Monday, I started teaching with...

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