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Statement of Service for Academics

The purpose of the Careers Advisory Service is to facilitate students and recent graduates of the College in making and implementing informed decisions about their future career and achieving their own objectives in a context of contribution to the community and society at large.

What we offer

In order to achieve this purpose and to support the College in its mission and in developing the employability of its students, the College can expect the following services to be provided:

  • A Careers Service mission and objectives which through their associated activities support the strategic objectives of the College in developing the employability of its students.
  • An effectively managed and delivered Service, including working towards recognised quality standards for the profession.
  • Accountability for the Service and its activities through annual reports presented to the Student Life committee, Council and Board.
  • Contribution to internal and external College publications as required and as appropriate.
  • Continuing development of career management activities with partners in academic Schools, to promote the employability of the College's students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Regular liaison with academic Schools through designated Careers Liaison staff/Directors of Teaching and Learning.
  • Market and graduate destination information to support School/Departmental review processes as appropriate.
  • The collection and dissemination of the annual First Destination statistics for use by the HEA, the College and its students and advice on labour market trends in the demand for graduates.
  • Provision of a comprehensive information resource relating to occupations and how to enter them, further study and funding, employers and vacancies, applications and interviews etc.
  • Liaison with an extensive range of employers for the promotion of interest in the College's students and graduates for recruitment, placement, project and vacation work purposes.
  • The involvement of Careers Service staff in national and regional level activities, including training and development, with AHECS, the professional association of careers consultants in Ireland and with AGCAS the counterpart organisation for the UK.

Further details can be found in the Careers Service Annual Report.

How to contact us


Telephone: (01) 8961721 / (01) 8961705
Location: 2nd Floor, 7-9 South Leinster Street, Trinity College, Dublin 2

What you can expect from us

The Careers Service regards itself as an integral part of the College, with a pivotal role to play in contributing to the development of employability amongst the students as increasingly expected by funders, policy-makers, auditors, employers and students themselves.

The College and its staff are entitled to expect that the Service will be staffed by competent and appropriately qualified staff who will help them in a friendly, courteous and professional manner and that the activities of the Service will:

  • Inform strategic and operational planning relating to the development of student employability at institutional, School and personal levels.
  • Provide advice and support in relation particularly to the Personal Development Programme to the design and delivery of customised career management skills training in the curriculum.
  • Provide advice about labour market patterns and trends and the work/study destinations of Trinity graduates.
  • Deliver a professional service for the use of College students and graduates within the level of resources available.
  • Accept referrals from College tutors and/or other academic staff


What we can expect from you

The Service is entitled to expect that you will:

  • Identify a member of staff who will act as careers liaison and who will work closely with the Service.
  • Assist us in the collection of first destination information for graduates in your School/Department for the purposes of School review, inclusion in ranking surveys and also for reporting to the HEA.
  • Involve and support the Careers Service in institutional strategic planning and implementation as it relates to the embedding of employability in the curriculum.
  • Provide access to students in their academic Schools/Departments for the purpose of alerting them to student employability and the services provided by this department.
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the Careers Service remit and activities, particularly insofar as these affect your students, course design and preparation for School review.
  • Make active and timely use of the professional expertise of members of staff in providing programmes for development of student employability and for course review and assessment.


How we can act on your behalf

We can act on your behalf by:

  • Encouraging employers to
    • Provide projects for Senior Sophister or postgraduate students
    • Fund prizes for academic performance in final year
    • Sponsor society events or publications
    • Provide guest lecturers, case studies etc.
    • Fund for postgraduate research degrees
    • Sponsor equipment
    • Conduct skills training or participate in case study days
    • Facilitate site visits to help students to understand manufacturing processes, construction methods etc.
  • Notifying employers of term dates, lecture and exam schedules.


How you can help us improve the Service

We canvass your opinions through regular surveys. We use this information as part of our annual planning process to improve the services that we provide and to ensure that we conform to institutional and AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services) quality standards.

If at any stage you are not happy with the quality of our services please contact the Director, Sean Gannon ( or telephone 8962556). There is also a formal complaints procedure in place.

Codes of practice and standards

As a member of AGCAS the Careers Service is committed to promoting equality of access and treatment in education, employment, training and guidance regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, civil status, family status, social class, age or sexual orientation. Staff in the Service also work to the following codes and standards - the College's policies ( and the code of practice in relation to graduate recruitment jointly agreed by AHECS, IPD, IBEC and USI. Copies of these codes and policy documents are available on request.

Limitations of our service

  • Confidentiality prevents us from giving feedback on individual students to academic staff without that student's permission.
  • The range of services provided is limited by the resources made available by the College.


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