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Tescan Mira XMU

Tescan MIra Variable Pressure Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) in high vacuum mode functions by scanning a focused beam of high energy electrons across the surface of a sample. The beam-specimen interaction produces a variety of signals including secondary electrons (SE), back-scattered electrons (BE) and X-rays. The low energy secondary electrons are collected to form the standard image and the high energy  back-scattered electrons provide an image with good atomic number contrast. The X-rays produced are characteristic of the elements in the sample and they may be separated out into an energy spectrum to identify the elemental composition of the sample.

The Mira is a sophisticated computer controlled high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope which produces exceptional images at both normal and low operating  voltages, the excellent low voltage performance produces outstanding results on uncoated samples. The Mira has an innovative touchscreen easy sem interface allowing novice users to quickly achieve results.

Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis may be carried out on a sample at both normal and low operating voltages to determine the elemental composition.

Resolution :- 3nm. at 30Kv.

Accelerating Voltage :-  0.2 to 30Kv.

Specimen stage :- 300mm. by 330mm. (Compucentric)

Detectors :- Secondary Electron, Back Scatter, In-lens, X-ray.

Analysis :- Oxfor Inca X-ray microanalysis system.



Last updated: Apr 05 2018.