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Analytical Workshop 2012 Talks

These talks, where available, are provided for information purposes by the relevant speakers and must not be reproduced intact or in part without the express permission of the author.
Talk Presented
Balz Kamber Analysis of Minerals and Geological Materials  
Robbie Goodhue XRD/XRF  
Ramesh Raghavendra Characterisation and Optimisation of Varistors (Not Available)  
Derek Nolan Flouresence (Confocal) Microscopy  
Andy Yarwood TEM (Not Available)  
Chris Keely Polymer Advances: An industrial Perspective (Not Available)  
Lidia Tajber DSC/DTA - Thermal Analysis  
Trevor Woods FTIR Analysis  
Lidia Tajber & Krzysztof Paluch Pharmaceutical Characterisation  
Neal Leddy Surface Area and Porosity  
Anne Marie Healy Particle Size Analysis  
Ken Brady GC-MS/ICP-MS (Not Available  
David Taylor Failure Analysis & Characterisation  
Kevin O'Kelly Nanoidentation (Not Available)  
Heath Bagshaw Spark OES  
Neal Leddy Surface Metrology  
Heath Bagshaw Scanning Electron Microscopy  
Judith Root EBSD, EDS, WDS, Mapping  



Last updated: May 16 2012.