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Provost’s Teaching Awards 2014/2015

The Provost’s Teaching Award Scheme is designed to recognise and reward those who have made an outstanding contribution in the pursuit of teaching excellence. The prestige of the award reflects the value that Trinity places on promoting teaching as a scholarly activity and the importance placed on enriching the learning opportunities of its students. The scope of the initiative is broad, covering all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment, and seeks to:

  • Provide recognition for outstanding teaching
  • Share best practice across College and encourage teaching staff to consider other approaches to course design, delivery and assessment
  • Reaffirm that curriculum development, teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation, are important activities in College requiring high level expertise
  • Encourage teaching staff to reflect critically on their teaching practice

The Provost’s Teaching Award Scheme is a competitive process, and up to five awards will be made in 2014-15. Each award is valued at €1,500 and will be paid to the winner’s departmental account. At least one will be an Early Career Award for nominees with not more than five years full-time third-level teaching experience at the time of nomination (or equivalent as determined by the committee). A Lifetime Achievement Award may be awarded at the discretion of panel members if an applicant meets the existing criteria and additionally demonstrates in their application ‘evidence of sustained commitment to teaching excellence and supporting learning and it is clear that the scholarship of the nominee has been inspirational and/or influential among academic colleagues within or beyond the institution.’

Call for nominations are now closed for 2014-15. Many thanks to everyone who nominated. Winners will be announced in May/June 2015.

Last updated 9 December 2014 by Centre for Academic Practice (Email).