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Trinity Inclusive Library

Trinity College Library (TIL) seeks to enhance the inclusive nature of library services. TIL is committed to an inclusive, barrier free library environment where the diverse population of College can access all resources, whether printed or electronic in a independently, safely and comfortably.

Tasks to enhance the inclusivity of the library include:

  • Develop strategic and service action plan to enhance inclusion,
  • Develop accessible informational resources which will enhance the service the library provides readers,
  • Ensure that the Library catalogues and website are universally accessible, and comply with the Accessible Information Policy,
  • Raise awareness, and devise a training programme for staff induction/ orientation and on-going training
  • Collaborate with other academic libraries to work on a model for provision of information in alternative format.

    view of Ussher library

Project tasks, outcomes and goals.

TIL reports


More information on inclusion in the library:

Good practice Reading lists

In 09/10 TIC worked with the library to create a set of good practice guidelines for reading lists.

Alternative Formatting

TIL is working to improve the process of alternative formatting nationally. More information on alt formatting, and TIL's work to improve the process.

Library Training and Workshops

TIL has created a series of good practice guidelines for library training and workshops.

Further Resources

Guidelines for the Creation and Circulation of Reading Lists

Video: The role of the Subject librarian (4m 35s):


Student resources for more effective use of the library

Subject Guides: Useful for all readers

Video: A student guide to the role of the Subject librarian (2m 03s):


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