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Video Tutorials

The following videos have been created in order to guide you as you seek to enhance your inclusive practices. Videos are arranged under the following sub sections:

View staff testimonials regarding use of the TIC self-evaluation tool.

View a testimonial from TCD's Occupational Therapy who offered a choice of assessment.

Accessible Information

Video Tutorial: This video give a brief introduction to accessible information in College.

Alternative formats: Explains the term and offers examples of formats that may be requested.

Clear print guidelines: ensure your work is visually accessible. (Length 1m 50s)

Word Documents

How to input alternative text.

How to insert styles and structure. Why it is so important to accessibility and how it will help you as creator of a document.



How to create PDFs for accessibility. And how to check and edit existing PDFS for accessibility.


The do's and don'ts of creating and formatting Powerpoints for accessibility.

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Web Accessibility

Introduction to web accessibility: Where to begin

Headings and Structure: Tutorial on applying headings and structure to webpages.

Tables and Forms: Tutorial on inserting tables and forms into your websites in an accessible format.

Alt Text: Tutorial on inserting alt text or long descriptions into images on your websites.

Testing Web Accessibility: A how to guide

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Curriculum Design

Barriers to Learning: This video asks whether you are proactive in considering barriers to learning, and discusses the importance of considering these barriers at the design stage. Video length: 1 minute 11s

Diverse Learner Preferences: This video asks whether you use a range of teaching and assessment methods in response to diverse learner preferences. Video length: 1 minute 32s

College Facilities: This video highlights the need to consider College facilities when designing teaching and assessment. Video length: 2 minutes 12s

Learning outcomes: This video guides you when evaluating your learning outcomes for inclusivity. Video length: 2 minutes 17s

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New Students

Programme Requirements: This video asks are programme requirements free of unnecessary barriers.

Interviews: This video investigates whether student needs are considered prior to interviews to ensure an inclusive process.

Induction and Orientation: This video discusses some of the information that it is useful to convey to your new students during orientation.

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Classroom Environments

Furniture and Equipment: This video considers whether the furniture and equipment in your classroom is appropriate for the needs of your students.

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Off Campus Teaching

This video considers what can make your off campus teaching inaccessible to some students. It questions whether they are necessarily inaccessible, and advises on what to do if they are / are not.

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