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Information Preapplication

Inclusive pre registration practices ensure access to clear, comprehensive information regarding:

  • programmes of study at Trinity.
  • student facilities and services.
  • the admissions procedure.
  • relevant contact details.

Ensuring information is accessible for all:

Prospective students use a mix of hard copy promotional materials (e.g. prospectus) and web based materials when considering their options. As the internet becomes an increasingly popular research tool, all applicable information should be easily accessible from the relevant websites. Relevant information includes:

  • application process
  • entry requirements
  • aim of programme / module
  • teaching and assessment methods
  • work load involved (including contact hours, attendance policy)
  • class sizes
  • contact details for any queries.

Ensure also that all materials, both print and electronic, follow the College Accessibility Policy and give clear, unambiguous and accurate information to students. See summary guidelines (Word, 142kb).

Timely Information:

All information about the programme should be made available to students in different formats (including print and electronic) as early as possible. The more information the applicant has prior to the start of the course, the more informed the choice to study on the course.

If any part of the programme involves off-campus learning (e.g. fieldwork, study abroad, and work placements) it is important that students get advanced notice. Off campus study may create barriers for some students and the earlier students are informed of it, the more time they have to prepare.

It is useful to give prospective students detailed information relating to assessment within your programme. For example:

  • What percentage of your course is graded on continuous assessment and what percentage on examinations?
  • Are there formative assessment opportunities?
  • What assessment methods are used?

Dr. Rhodes from the School of Business, TCD, discusses the considerations of the Msc in International Management when designing an inclusive application process.

Last updated 22 September 2016 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).