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Induction and Orientation

Induction activities often act as the first point of direct contact between new students and College, and so play an important role in:

  • Welcoming students to the university.
  • Ensuring familiarity with universities facilities and services (both academic and personal).
  • Introducing students to the structures and procedures of the university.
  • Ensuring students know where to go for guidance and support during their time as students.

Induction can have a significant impact on students’ confidence regarding their ability to succeed in College, and the ability of College to support their studies:

What you can do in induction sessions (length 2m 12s):

For advice on running accessible induction events see College’s guidelines on accessible events.

Why have inclusive induction events?

Your new student population may include a diversity of students, from a diversity of backgrounds. For example there may students with:

  • no knowledge of the campus, who cannot locate your induction venue.
  • mobility difficulties with difficulties entering your venue,
  • visual impairments or dyslexia who have difficulties following your presentations,
  • significant external responsibilities who need ample notice of orientation times and dates.

Remember that most students will be unfamiliar with:

  • the physical layout of College,
  • the facilities and services located in College,
  • the academic terminology used,
  • the College specific terminology used,
  • the policies and procedures of College,
  • the teaching methods used in third level,
  • academic expectations in third level,
  • the role of student and lecturer at third level.

Induction sessions can be used to familiarise students with these areas, or to guide them towards other useful resources.

Last updated 22 September 2016 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).