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Application process

Are your admission requirements clear, relevant and fair?

Are all pre-requisites necessary and clearly signposted in your materials for prospective students, both online and in print? If a student could successfully complete the course and satisfy fitness to practice requirements without meeting an admission requirement that requirement is desirable rather than necessary.

Could any desirable pre-requisites constitute an unnecessary barrier to any prospective students? If so, can these be removed or modified to ensure equality of access to your programme / module.


Programme Requirements: This video asks are programme requirements free of unnecessary barriers (length 51s).

Is your application process inclusive?

Do prospective students know what is expected of them? Are steps taken to ensure the process involves no unnecessary barriers for applicants?

 For example:

  • Are all application forms easy to access?
  • Do they follow the Trinity Accessible Information policy?
  • Is their layout clear and unambiguous?
  • Do they avoid jargon and ambiguity?
  • Are they available in alternative format upon request?

When Interviewing applicants:

Consider any additional needs for applicants in advance (e.g. If a student is hard of hearing, is there a loop system available? Is the time viable for those travelling to Dublin? Will those unfamiliar with College be able to find the interview venue?).

  • When arranging interviews, ask prospective students if they have any particular requirements, e.g. for interpretation, physical access). Students may, be concerned, mistakenly, that disclosure of disability or additional needs may make it less likely that they will be offered a place. Make clear that this is not the case.
  •  Hold interviews in accessible rooms.
  • Ensure there is timely notice of the time and location of interviews, including clear directions to the interview room.
  • Advise prospective students of materials to be brought to interviews in good time.
  • If the interview will involve a presentation, ensure all information is circulated in good time.

Conduct interviews in a friendly manner and be aware of your language (do not expect new students to be familiar with discipline specific language).


Interviews: This video investigates whether student needs are considered prior to interviews to ensure an inclusive process.

Induction and Orientation

Last updated 22 September 2016 by Trinity Inclusive Curriculum (Email).