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Facilities available on campus

The Library:

While the library is a very useful resource to your students, it is not an unlimited resource. For example,

  • there will be limitations to the books students can take out,
  • the hours they can enter the library and
  • the numbers of books available.

For some, the financial strain of buying their own text books would cause considerable difficulty and so will not be an option.

To ensure the library can fully support your students consider the following as you design your teaching.

  • Are the texts supporting my teaching available in sufficient numbers within the library?
    Are my undergraduate students able to check out my key texts?

Close communication with subject librarians regarding the contents of reading list, and the use of counter reserve, can help ensure availability of these resources for students.


College Facilities: This video highlights the need to consider College facilities when designing teaching and assessment. length (2m 12s).


Group Work Facilities

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