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Case study: Choice of Assessment

In the academic year 10/11 Michelle Spirtos and Sarah Quinn piloted choice of assessment across a senior sophister module within the BSc in Occupational Therapy in TCD.

Students were required to bring an existing piece of research up to a standard where it could be presented to professionals in their field. Research could be presented as a:

  • conference presentation,
  • poster presentation, or
  • journal article.

Following the pilot Michelle and Sarah spoke to TIC about their experience:

Clip 1: Michelle and Sarah describe the background to the module and the pilot.

Clip 2: Michelle and Sarah discuss how to ensure equity and fairness within assessment choice.

Clip 3: Michelle and Sarah discuss supporting and guiding students when offering a choice of assessment.

>Clip 4:
Michelle and Sarah discuss the student response to assessment choice.

Clip 5: Michelle and Sarah give advice to other staff seeking to offer a choice of assessment.

For more information see UCD's A Practitioner's Guide to Choice of Assessments within a Module

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