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Styles and Formatting

Challenge for Accessibility:

If a document is created without the proper use of style and structure the document can become hard to navigate and access. The use of headings and style structures can enable the user (especially users with low vision or vision impairment) to effectively navigate any document and as such, be directed to the appropriate information with ease.

Styles can also enable to creator of a document to quickly and easily create and update table of contents.


How to ensure accessible styles and formatting:

Video Tutorial

This video demonstrates how to insert styles and structure, why it is so important to accessibility and how it will help you as creator of a document.

  1. Go to Styles,.this is shown when the home tab is selected - see below images
  2. From the 'Style' box in the you can choose an appropriate heading and style for the structure of a document (see e.g. below)
  3. When writing a document highlight the text required for the heading or sub-heading and select the appropriate heading style for the location and level within the document.
  4. It is important to ensure there is some consistency in heading styles when producing a document, consistency can ensure that users can understand the layout of a document and navigate it in a more proficient manner

Image of teh style toolbar in MS Word The option to modify the styles in MS Word

The text box to input new style info

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