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Best Practices with images

Video Tutorial on alt text in Word

Challenge to Accessibility:

Alternative texts allow those who cannot view your image for whatever reason to read a description of the image instead. When alt texts for omitted it can lead, at best, to frustration, and, possibly to some of your users missing out on important information. Alt text is useful both to those with visual impairments and those with slower internet connections who do not wish to download images.


How to ensure Accessible Images:

  • Use of alternative text can enable document creators to understand more the relevance of the image they are including and the learning objective behind its insertion. Once you have inserted a picture Right click on the image and select Format Picture' or 'Format Object'.

Images below show dialogue boxes for alt text in Word 2010 .

    Image of Alt text dialogue box 2010


  • Using the 'Alternative text' box you should write a description of the image
  • Select the image and navigate to Insert > Caption.
  • Within the Caption dialogue box use the 'Caption' option to write the appropriate title for the image and decide on the appropriate 'Label' and 'Position' for the caption.

Left image: Caption dialogue box. Right image: How it looks to your user.

Caption box edit imageImage of how captions are displayed on Images

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