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Early Timetabling - Who Benefits?

Making timetables available to students in advance of the teaching term allows students to organise their weekly timetable in advance.

The following are case studies of students who may have particular difficulties.
Cases Issue Solutions for students
Mature Student Student finds it difficult to organise child minding at short notice before term starts. Student arranges child minding as soon as time table becomes available.
Student from under represented socio-economic group Student finds it difficult to arrange working hours at short notice before term starts. Student arranges working hours as soon as timetable becomes available.
Student with a Disability Student with mobility difficulties finds it can be difficult to cross the campus between lectures, and not all classes are accessible. Student reviews the time table for possible difficulties in good time and alerts the programme of any problematic timetabling before term begins.

Action plan for lecturer

Ensure students receive their timetables in plenty of time before the beginning of term.

When arranging timetables consider student workload per day, rest periods, and distance between teaching venues.


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