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Broad Curriculum cross-faculty (BC) and Language modules provide students with the opportunity to study outside their principle discipline. BC modules are available covering the following subjects: art, business, contemporary Asian studies, European studies, gender & society, Greek art & architecture, history, Irish cinema, linguistics, literature, philosophy, planet earth, political science, psychology, roman art & architecture, science & technology and theology.

Language modules provided by the Centre for Language and Communication Studies, aim to provide added value to undergraduate studies. These modules are designed to help develop practical communication skills for study or work experience abroad. Current language module options are: Croatian, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish. All BC modules and Language modules are worth 5 credits each, which accounts for approximately 10% of the teaching for the year.

All modules are offered on a substitution basis, i.e. you may only take a BC module or language module as part of your course quota which is usually 60 credits, you will be taking this module instead of one of your optional home course modules.

To find out more about the modules available or how to apply please use the navigation links on the top of page.

Last updated 4 June 2014 (Email).