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Undergraduate Teaching in Plant Sciences

Filipendula vulgaris inflorescence

Plant Sciences is the scientific study of plants, in the field, in the botanic garden and in many laboratory situations. Plants include the largest forest trees, single-celled algae of fresh and marine waters, multicellular seaweeds and the yeasts and moulds. Plants serve people of the world in many complex ways. Foods and medicines are largely of plant origin. Timbers and plant fibres still shelter, warm and clothe people. New technologies are extending the uses of plant materials for structural purposes, new drugs and for fuels. We decorate with plants. Plants support life and make life worth living. Plant Scientists are in the front line of research relating to the nature and effects of global climatic change and the trend towards loss of biodiversity. Both these issues entail knowledge of plant ecology; physiology; taxonomy and systematics. The plant biologist must also be able to communicate with other disciplines including meteorology, chemistry, physics and the earth sciences


Last updated 7 July 2011