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POLLIVAL: assessing market and non-market values of pollination services in Ireland


Assessing and evaluating natural capital and ecosystem services which flow from it are key national environmental research priorities (for various organisations including the EPA, National Biodiversity Plan, Irish Forum on Natural Capital, All-Ireland Pollinator Plan), enabling integration of natural capital into decision-making processes and the sustainable use of natural resources. This project will provide a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the market value of pollination services in Ireland using best-practice methods. Data gaps in terms of pollination dependency of Irish crops will be identified and filled. In addition, the project will deliver a method for assessing non-market values of pollination services, including supporting, regulating and cultural services. Finally, by investigating future drivers of change, including climate, policy and consumer behaviour using horizon scanning and scenario modelling, we can predict how values may change. By understanding and communicating the total value of key ecosystem services, such as pollination, we can develop a better appreciation of natural capital for policy and planning decisions at many levels and in several sectors. The POLLIVAL project will develop national capacity in evaluation of ecosystem services using pollination as a case study. By integrating market and non-market values, assessing current status and identifying drivers of future change, the project will develop a model system to enable evaluation of other forms of natural capital for decision-making and planning processes. The objectives of the project are: 1. To identify best practice to evaluate the current market values of pollination services in Ireland 2. To develop methods to assess non-market values 3. To integrate the implications of land use change (driven by various processes including environmental change, policy change and consumer behaviour) on the value of pollination services in Ireland The project will integrate approaches from natural, social and economic sciences and will involve consultation with experts and integration of expert knowledge, data-gathering (from a range of sources, including collection of novel ecological data sets), development of methods, and modelling of future scenarios. Funded by EPA.


Last updated 21 February 2017