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Professor Nick Gray

Professor Nick GrayCentre for the Environment,
School of Natural Sciences,
Trinity College Dublin,
Dublin2, Ireland

Tel: +353 1 8961639


My research falls into a number of discrete but interrelated areas of water and environmental science.  My prime area of research is in water and wastewater technology especially biological processes in wastewater treatment and river pollution control and assessment. I also am interested in all aspects of environmental science especially practical sustainability and carbon dioxide footprint analysis, and how post climate change society will deal with the challenges of global warming.


Current Research and Research Opportunities

I am especially interested in part-time researchers based in industry.  Students interested in a research career with the water Technology Research Group should look at the website in the first instance to see current areas of interest:


I teach a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

Undergraduate courses include:
BCBOT –Living Sustainably: A complete guide to a changing planet.
A general course for students from a non-science background to understand the mechanisms and impact of global warming and how to address the problems of climate change at a personal level.

Website:  Blog:

ES3053 – Freshwater Hydrobiology
An introductory course in freshwater biology, assessment and impacts, with an emphasis on skills and management.


ES4020 – Water Technology
A practical module exploring the processes of drinking water provision, distribution, use and conservation, used water collection and wastewater treatment and disposal.

Selected Publications


Percival, S., Gray, N.F., Chalmers, R., and Sellwood, J. (2013)  Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases. Academic Press, London . 640pp.

Gray, N.F. (2010)  Water Technology: an introduction for environmental scientists and engineers . (Third Edition) Elseiver, Oxford. 747pp.

Gray, N.F. (2008) Drinking Water Quality: Problems and Solutions. (Second Edition) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 520pp.

Gray, N.F. (2004). Biology of Wastewater treatment.  (Second Edition)  Imperial College Press, London. 1440 pp.  

Research Papers:

Hughes, T.A., Gray, N.F. and Guillamon, S. (2013) Removal of metals from acid mine drainage using liquid and dried digested sewage sludge and cattle slurry. Mine Water and Environment (in press)

Fryer, M. and Gray, N.F. (2012) Foaming Scum Index (FSI) – A new tool for the assessment and characterization of biological mediated activated sludge foams. Journal of Environmental Management, 110, 8-19.

Hughes, T.A. and Gray, N.F.  (2012) Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Acid Mine Drainage to the Activated Sludge Process. Mine Water and Environment, 31, 40–52.  

Fryer, M., O’Flaherty, E. and Gray, N.F. (2011) Evaluating the Measurement of Activated Sludge Foam Potential. Water, 3(1), 424-444.

Dubber, D. and Gray, N.F. (2011) The influence of fundamental design parameters on ciliates community structure in Irish activated sludge system, European Journal of Protistology, 47, 274-286.

Dubber, D. and Gray, N.F. (2011) The effect of anoxia and anaerobia on ciliate community in biological nutrient removal systems using laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactors (SBRs). Water Research, 45, (6), 2213-2226.

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