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School of Natural Sciences
Turloughs Projects
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Project Progress

The following summarises progress achieved from April 2006 to December 2007:

  • Selection of 22 sites for extensive study in cooperation with local landowners related to access points.
  • Fieldwork completed relating to the extensive algal, invertebrate and hydrochemical survey.
  • Preliminary vegetation community classification and generation of sample vegetation maps.
  • Soils described and mean nutrient assessments completed for a 11 sites.
  • Flood recorders in place and topographical surveys of some turloughs completed.
  • Preliminary catchment delineation for 11 turloughs and testing of methods to assess risk to eutrophication within these areas.
  • Contact made with landowners associated with 8 turloughs to generate within-site management information.
  • Four turloughs selected for intensive spatial and temporal study and initiation of associated aquatic phase investigations.
Last updated: Nov 22 2009.