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Plant Systematics

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Molecular Systematics

The molecular systematics group concentrates on assessing genetic variation in plants. Current research projects are divided into those that study the population genetic structure of target species (genetic resources and conservation genetics) and those that are involved with phylogenetic reconstruction for a large number of species. Population genetic studies include work on forest trees (oak, ash and yew), Pacific island species, Brassica, Cassava, Miscanthus, and a number of threatened native Irish plant species. Phylogenetic work is centred around monocotyledons such as the grasses (including bamboos), sedges, and rushes but has also included poppies and yew. We are also involved in phylogenomic study of grasses (the biomass crop Miscanthus and the forage Lolium). We have good collaborative links with both Irish (Teagasc and National Parks and Wildlife) and non-Irish organisations (Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, UK). Our DNA bank is used for the long term storage of DNA and we envisage these resources will become central to many of our activities and will be made available to the wider botanical community.




Last updated 5 March 2013