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Plant-Animal Interactions

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Dr David Bourke (Research Fellow)

David Bourke

Research Profile

My research focuses on the impacts of environmental change on biodiversity. This includes the impacts of a range of sectoral activities (e.g. land-use change) on biodiversity and the ecosystem services provided at the species and landscape scales. In particular, climate change impacts and adaptation are an important central theme of my research, both the indirect impacts of climate change mitigation measures (e.g. wind farms, bioenergy crops) on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the direct impacts of climate change on biodiversity, focusing on the spatial distribution of species and their habitats.

My earlier research focused on agri-ecology, plant-soil interactions (biogeochemical cycling), and the ecological effectiveness of agri-environmental schemes. I employ a range of approaches to undertake my research, from predictive modelling and spatial statistics, to field- and laboratory-based experimental studies, across a range of scales.

Contact details

Botany Building, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, D2, Ireland. Tel +353-1-896-3746 Email


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Last updated 4 April 2013