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Plant-Animal Interactions

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Eileen Power (PhD student)

photo of eileen power

Research Profile

PhD Project: Impacts of grassland management on biodiversity (co-supervised by Daniel Kelly), funded by DAFF.

Eileen's research focused on the impacts of farm management on the biodiversity of intensively managed grasslands, with particular emphasis on organic farming. The following research areas were undertaken: 1) assessment of how various farm practises (e.g. traditional and novel herbicide application techniques, herbicide type, grazing and cutting) influence the plant diversity of intensive grasslands using experimental plots; 2) assessment of the impacts of organic farming on plant and pollinator diversity, pollination services and plant-pollinator networks in intensively managed dairy pastures; 3) investigation of the relationship between landscape complexity and plant and pollinator diversity and 4) evaluation of the influence, if any, of farmer knowledge of and attitude to biodiversity on the plant and pollinator diversity of their farm.

Contact details

Newcastle University, Email



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Last updated 4 April 2013