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Ecophysiology and Soil Science

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Kees Jan van Groenigen

Kees Jan

Research Profile

I studied Soil, Water and Atmosphere at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Following my propaedeutic exam (cum laude), I continued this study in the specialization of soil science. After receiving my MSc degree in 2002, I started my PhD research at the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California in Davis and at the Laboratory of Soil Science and Geology at Wageningen University. I received my PhD degree in 2007, soon after which I moved to Dublin, Ireland. Here I took up my current position at the Department of Botany at Trinity College, as research coordinator of the project “Managing soil organic C in Irish agricultural systems”.

In my research, I address questions about how changes in land use and atmospheric CO2 concentrations affect the flow of C and N through soils and the microbes therein. To do this, I have been using three different approaches. Firstly, I conduct incubation studies and analyses of biomarkers to assess the activity and composition of the soil microbial community. Secondly, I combine soil fractionation techniques with isotopic analyses to assess the size and turnover of soil C and N pools. Finally, I use meta-analytic techniques to synthesize findings in my field of research.


Contact details

Department of Biological Sciences, Merriam Powell Center for Environmental Research, Northern Arizona University, P.O. Box 6077, Flagstaff, AZ 86011, USA Tel.: +1 928 523 5897 E-mail:




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