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Ecophysiology and Soil Science

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Fabrizio Albanito


Research Profile

During my PhD project, I developed a method to continuously monitor soil CO2 concentration, by using a new type of soil diffusion chamber. In recent years soil CO2 emissions has been the subject of intense investigation because (i) its potential role in amplifying global warming; and (ii) gaseous compounds formed in the soil environment are, in general, good indicator of soil biology and biochemistry. Accurate techniques used to monitor soil CO2 profile concentrations offers the opportunity to identify localized carbon dioxide sources and potential sinks in the soil, and to understand the processes that control CO2 production and emission. I estimated soil CO2 efflux using a new model to determine the vertical CO2 gradient across the soil profile up to 80 cm depth, in conjunction with models to determine the soil CO2 diffusion coefficient. Furthermore, I assessed vertical CO2 production rates within the soil profile.


Contact details

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