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Ecophysiology and Soil Science

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shootsEcophysiology is an experimental science that attempts to describe the physiological mechanisms that underlie ecological processes.

Our group seeks to address these issues for a range of land-uses, including arable and grassland agriculture, peatlands and wetlands. Our research can be broadly divided into four focus areas:

  • Identifying agricultural mitigation strategies (e.g. growing of energy crops, increased planting of legumes, reduced tillage practices, long-term grassland management) and their effects on soil C storage and soil microbiology.
  • Monitoring GHG emissions under different forms of land-use.
  • Field manipulation studies to assess C and N fluxes in ecosystems under future climate conditions.
  • Modeling studies to predict plant productivity and GHG emissions under future climate scenarios.

We collaborate in these studies nationally with the Irish Agricultural Institute (Teagasc) and University College Dublin and across Europe as member of EU funded networks. We are also making GHG flux measurements in tropical wetlands in Africa.


Last updated 13 October 2014