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Characterisation of N2O and CH4 fluxes of a Miscanthus x giganteus and Willow stand.

Sive Geoghegan

Sive Geoghegan

Supervisor: Dr. Mike Williams

This project will characterise the effect of varying nitrogen applications on N2O and CH4 emissions for the biomass crops Miscanthus and Willow.  The objectives of this study are to a) measure the contribution of N2O and CH4 fluxes to greenhouse gas emissions, b) characterise the contributions of nitrification / denitrification to N2O production and measure gross rates of N mineralisation c) study N cycling in response to carrying N regimes and d) model N fluxes for an agro-ecosystem.  This project will complement current atmospheric and soil CO2 flux projects at the Oak Park Research site in Carlow.  It will constitute part of the integrated climate change research currently ongoing at Oak Park.This project is a collaboration between the Plant Physiology & Climate Change Group at the Department of Botany, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Teagasc and is jointly supervised by Dr. Michael Williams (TCD) and Prof. James Burke (Teagasc Oak Park).

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Last updated 8 November 2017