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Association mapping approaches in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Sai Krishna Arojju

Sai Krishna Arojju

Supervisors: Dr. Trevor Hodkinson, Dr. Susanne Barth (Teagasc) and Dr. Dan Milbourne (Teagasc)

My research is funded by Teagasc as a part of the crop improvement program. Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass) is the most important forage grass species in temperate regions of the world. Because of its high palatability and digestibility this species is highly valued in dairy and sheep forage systems. The objective of my research is to link genotypes to phenotypes and explain the natural phenotypic variation of traits. Association mapping is a method of choice and involves searching for genotype-phenotype correlations in unrelated individuals. My research will follow two approaches to associate markers with phenotypes. (1) Genome wide association studies (GWAS): the whole genome is scanned to genotype markers and then link with a phenotype. (2) Candidate gene approach: markers derived from a particular gene of interest will be genotyped and then linked with a phenotype. Results from both methods will be compared to explain the phenotypic variation caused by changes in DNA sequences. The project will benefit the breeding program with supplying in depth genotyping and phenotyping data on relevant plant breeding materials.

Last updated 16 September 2014