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Conservation Biology of Saxifraga hirculus

Caoimhe Muldoon


Supervisor: Dr Stephen Waldren

Saxifraga hirculus L. has experienced a sharp decline in the past century throughout the EU. As a result it has is has been listed as a Red Databook species in Ireland and is a threatened plant of European interest (EU Habitats Directive annex 2). The aim of this project is to investigate the conservation biology of S. hirculus in Ireland. The project will examine the population structures and status, population genetics and clonal spread using AFLP, and reproductive biology of S. hirculus, which in Ireland is restricted to flushes in blanket bogs in Co. Mayo and in Antrim (Northern Ireland). This will provide the baseline information on the plants current status and requirements in Ireland. As a result of these investigations suitable monitoring methods will be developed and a population viability analysis undertaken, with an overall aim of producing a management plan for the species in Ireland. Initial field work has already located some colonies not previously noted in the Irish Republic.

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Last updated 14 December 2009