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Core Team

Dr Alison Donnelly (PI) alison.donnelly at

alisonAlison heads the project and is responsible for its smooth running. In addition, she supervises Annelies's and Rebecca's PhD progress.


Dr Bridget O'Neill (Research Fellow) oneillb6 at

bridget Bridget is responsible for establishing a management plan for phenology in Ireland, assisting in running the project, writing reports, and identifying and applying suitable statistical techniques for data analysis. She is also examining long term records of moth sightings in Ireland.

Eileen Diskin (PhD student) diskineb at

EileenEileen is working on a PhD co-supervised by Alison and Professor David Taylor from the Geography Department. Her research will investigate climate change, biodiversity, and the interactions between local residents and protected areas in developing countries.

Annelies Pletsers (PhD student) pletsera at

AnneliesAnnelies's role is to carry out a PhD on plant phenology, including examination of (a) environmental triggers of budburst, (b) clinal variation of budburst and (c) impacts of climate change scenarios on budburst.


Hazel Proctor (Msc student) proctoh at

hazelHazel's role is to establish a phenological network in Ireland. This work includes selection of appropriate sites and species and writing a manual for observers. In addition, she will locate historical datasets.


Prof Mike Jones (Co-supervisor) mike.jones at

Prof Mike JonesMike's role is to provide expert advice on plant phenology and to co-supervise Annelies.






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