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Welcome to the website of the Phenology Research Group in Trinity College Dublin. Phenology is the study of the timing of recurring natural events such as leaf unfolding and bird migration. We are funded by the Environmental Protection Agency to carry out a large-scale project entitled 'Climate Change Impacts on Phenology; implications for terrestrial ecosystems'. We propose to establish a sustainable phenological network in Ireland which will enable the monitoring and predicting of shifts in the timing of phenological phases in relation to climate change. In addition, we aim to conduct research into various aspects of both plant and animal phenology.

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Bird phenology

birdThe timing of phenological events, such as migration and egg-laying, in bird development are excellent indicators of climate change due to the influence of temperature on these events.

Insect phenology

insectMany insects are sensitive to changes in temperature and because other species are dependent on them as a food source or as pollinators it is important to understand the role climate change will play in affecting the timing of their phenology.

Plant phenology

plantTrends in dates of leaf unfolding and flowering have traditionally been used to demonstrate the impact of increasing spring temperature on plant phenology.

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