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Botany goes wood carving

Wood Carving Course at Trinity College Botanic Gardens at Dartry, 10th and 11th September 2014

By the second day of the course the gardens were ringing, tap, tap tap of mallet on chisel on wood. However at 11 am the previous morning five strangers stood in the glasshouses, some had no woodcarving experience whilst others had tried some aspects of the craft. They all were willing to give it a go and so they did. This was the first ever woodcarving class facilitated by the Botanic Gardens and blocks of suitable carving wood, new chisels and individual benches were provided.

The students progressed from choosing an inspirational theme or subject taken from their immediate surroundings, to going with the flow and learning by practical experimentation and doing. As with the plants in the gardens the forms grew, there were roots, leaves and fruit, carved in both relief and in the full three dimensions.

Instruction and guidance was given by Adrienne Diamond, an artist experienced in working with several different materials, but with a theme of light and movement running through her works.

It was a joy to work in such wonderful surroundings, good company and we were blessed with warm sunshine. All this and the sense of achievement that comes from trying something different and gaining new skills resulted in a very pleasant and rewarding few days.

Last updated 15 May 2015