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Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series 2012-2013




12 October

Prof. Matthew Bracken (Northeastern University)

Functional consequences of realistic biodiversity losses in marine ecosystems

19 October

Dr. John Finarelli (University College Dublin)

The evolution of brain and body size in Carnivora

26 October

Dr. Aoife McLysaght (Trinity College Dublin)

Dosage sensitive genes in evolution and disease

2 November

Prof. Jaimie Dick (Queen’s University Belfast)

Predicting the ecological impacts of invasive species

16 November*

Dr. Matthew Jebb (Director, National Botanic Gardens)

“Webb” – far more than just a Flora. *This seminar will take place at 4:00 PM

23 November

Prof. Laurent Keller (Université de Lausanne)

The genetics of sex and social life in ants

30 November

Prof. Owen Petchey (University of Zurich)

Extinctions in a changing world

7 December

Prof. Dan Haydon (University of Glasgow)

Title to be confirmed

14 December

Dr. Sylvain Pincebourde (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)

Biotic interactions in fluctuating microclimates : experimenting, modeling and predicting climate change impacts

18 January

Prof. Rob Freckleton (University of Sheffield)

Title to be confirmed

25 January

Dr. John Quinn (University College Cork)

The evolutionary ecology of cognition and personality in natural populations

Seminars will take place on Fridays at 3:00 pm* in the Botany Lecture Theatre, Botany Building, TCD.
Beverages and snacks will be provided after presentations.



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