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Main function of the Botanic Garden

Support of botanical teaching and research with TCD by providing living plant material, controlled growth environments, glasshouses and other experimental facilities. The gardens also houses the Irish Rare and Threatened Plant Genebank.

Photo of Mackaya bella Photo of Inula salicina
Mackaya bella - A south African species named by William Harvey in honour of James Townsend Mackay, Curator of the Botanic Garden from 1804-1862. A tender shrub, requiring glasshouse protection in winter. Inula salicina - A widespread species in Europe and Asia, but restricted in Ireland to a single site on Lough Derg. Formerly more widespread around the Lough, the species has declined greatly this century. Two Irish clones are grown at TCD Botanic Gardens, one collected from a site in which the species no longer exists.


Last updated 22 November 2009