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Professor Luke O'Neill

Inflammation Research

L. O'Neill photo

Luke O'Neill, PhD
Phone: + 353-1-896-2439
Fax: + 353 - 1 - 6772400
Location: Room 4.33, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute


View audio/video clip of Prof O'Neill talking about his research (mp4, 9.5MB)

The major focus of the group is to provide a molecular understanding of innate immunity and inflammation. We are interested in receptors involved in innate immunity, such as Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and Nod-like receptors (NLRs – including Nlrp3), and also signals activated. The role played by this system in inflammatory diseases is also under investigation. We have several projects underway including:

  • Control of the NLRP3 inflammasome
  • Regulation of the TLR adapter Mal
  • Examining intracellular metabolism and metabolic reprogramming in innate immunity and inflammation
  • Circadian control of innate immunity


Post-doctoral fellows:
Richie Carroll PhD
Annie Curtis PhD
Raqual Domingo-Fernandes PhD
Moritz Haneklaus PhD
Anne McGettrick PhD
Evanna Mills PhD
Deepthi Menon PhD
Eva Palsson McDermott PhD
Zbigniew Zaslona PhD

Graduate Students:
Sarah Corcoran BA (Mod)
Jamie Early BSc
Mark Hughes BSc
Sarah Jany MSc
Danny Johnston BA (Mod)
Silvia Pena BA (Mod)
Dylan Ryan BSc
Niamh Williams BA (Mod)

Research Support:
Kathy Banahan BSc
Cait Donoghue BSc


Science Foundation Ireland, Health Research Board, European Research Council, Wellcome Trust, GlaxoSmithKline


Mike Murphy (Mitochondrial Biology Unit, University of Cambridge)
Philip Board (Australian National University, Canberra)
Ramnik Xavier (Mass General)
Mihai Netea (University of Njimegan)



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