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With cutting-edge basic and applied research, the aim of the IRC is to develop new treatment and diagnostic strategies based on exceptional discovery science and highly focused and profitable research.

About Us

The Immunology Research Centre (IRC) is an integrated collaborative effort bringing together leaders in the field of Immunology in Ireland, along with industrial partners, to better understand and exploit the interface between innate and adaptive immunity. This 5 year research programme, funded by a Strategic Research Cluster award from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), is led by Trinity College Dublin, based largely within the new Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, in collaboration with NUI Maynooth, Opsona Therapeutics and Merck.

The focus of the IRC is to identify and characterise novel exogenous molecules from bacteria, viruses and parasites, along with endogenous molecules from host cells, produced in response to damage or trauma, which modulate immune responses. These are now being tested as potential new adjuvants for vaccines against infection, immunotherapeutic drugs against cancer, or as anti-inflammatory agents against autoimmune diseases. The main aim of research programmes under the IRC is to generate fundamental knowledge of immune recognition of danger and how this can help to fight human diseases.

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