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Extramural programme in Mandarin and Cantonese



Cantonese for Beginners Lunchtime Taster Course 2016/17 academic year
Introduction to Cantonese Language and Culture

In this six-week lunchtime taster course, you will learn some basic knowledge of Cantonese and its unique pronunciation through the idiosyncrasies of Hong Kong history and culture. If you are already a fan of Jackie Chan, a regular at dim sum restaurants or a Hong Kong movie lover and want to learn more about Cantonese, this course is for you. If you are simply curious about this distinctive language, you are also welcome!

Instructor: Mr. Chung Kam Kwok (George) works at the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies. He has an M.Phil. in Applied Linguistics, and is in his final year of his doctoral research project. Born and bred in Hong Kong, he is always eager to introduce Cantonese, the local language of his birthplace, to people from far and wide. 

Thursday lunchtimes 1pm-2pm

Starts Thursday 23 March until Thursday 27 April (inclusive)

6 week course

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The Extramural Programme in Mandarin Chinese language and culture has been running successfully for many years, and is a great way of learning some basic communication skills in Chinese as well as gaining cultural insight. Two proficiency levels of evening classes are available, for complete beginners and post-beginners. These courses are fee-paying ( €395 per course, payable in advance) and are designed for the general public. All classes take place in the Arts Building.

(Please note that registered undergraduate and postgraduate TCD students should apply for the Broad Curriculum and extracurricular Mandarin Chinese modules rather than the extramural programme.)


 Mandarin Chinese Extramural Courses 2017/18 academic year
Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture

This course teaches a basic ‘survival’ repertoire of spoken Chinese and introduces some central aspects of Chinese culture, including the writing system. As much use as possible is made of authentic materials.

Mondays 6.30 - 8.30p.m. starting mid Sept. 2017 (exact start date TBC)


Thursdays 6.30 - 8.30p.m. starting mid Sept. 2017 (exact start date TBC)

24 week course (2 terms x 12 weeks)

Post-beginners' Chinese Language and Culture
Continuing from the introduction to Chinese language and culture, this course is designed to extend learners' 'survival' repertoire of spoken Chinese and their knowledge of the Chinese writing system (there is regular practice in character composition and recognition). Key aspects of Chinese culture and society are also explored.

Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.30p.m. starting mid Sept. 2017 (exact start date TBC)

24 week course (2 terms x 12 weeks)

The course instructor of the Mandarin Chinese extramural courses is a native Mandarin speaker and amember of the academic faculty at Fujian Teachers’ University, Fuzhou, PRC, seconded to Trinity College through the longstanding TCD/Fuzhou partnership.


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We invite you to note the following:

  • The course fee is strictly non-refundable once the course has commenced.
  • Payments by cheque or postal order, made payable to TCD No. 1 Account, are also accepted.
  • Reduced fee for unemployed persons and those in receipt of social welfare pension: supporting documentation to be provided at the time of payment.
  • Courses only take place if the number of enrolments is not viable. Course fees are refunded in this unlikely event.
  • Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to enrol in this Extramural Programme.
  • For further details of  the Extramural Programme please consult the Extramural Courses page or the Trinity College Dublin Evening and Short Courses Booklet